Penguin of The Week

Every Friday, when I am on Club Penguin, I will pick a random penguin to be the Penguin Of The Week on my site. To be the Penguin Of The Week, you will be having to be doing a good deed when i see you, like helping a penguin around when they are new or just being nice to a friend or a penguin.  Just to let you know, I dont do my friends every time just because they are my friend. Thats why I said a Random Penguin. But dont do a good deed every time I am around, try doing a good deed every day.  🙂        P.S.- If you want one of your friends to be Penguin of the Week, I can also do that too! Just email me a picture of your friend’s player card and name and I will post it. I will also put the name of the person who sent it in ( your name ). Thank You!

The Penguin Of The Week will be. . . .



                    Cerirulez will be lasting until Friday, then another penguin will be Penguin Of The Week! Remember to always do Good Deeds. 😉




  1. when was thelast time you updated this page?

  2. Well, I created it Monday and saw a penguin that was really helpful ( CupCakeRosie ) on Club Penguin and put her on here Tuesday and there will be a new penguin on the page every Friday!

  3. um cool lol

  4. lol

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