About Me:

 Hey guys! My name on Club Penguin is Malico531. My email and IM is karmei6@aol.com . Please contact me when you can. If your looking for me, you can look on Mammoth and Winter Land. I hang out at the Dock most of the time. My favorite games are Mine Surfer and Catchin Waves Game at the Cove. I Love to surf!! When you want to talk just yell out ”Hey Malico”. I also created a Social Network where you can Sign Up and Join. Click here to go, please.                   Thanks Everybody

This is how my penguin looks on CP most of the time:

          Note: The Picture Above Changes Every Time I Get A New Outfit.



I will be taking over this site til Malico comes back.  Best reguards, ~Gardenax~ 😉



  1. About

  2. Yes This Is The “About” Page. LoL

  3. Where did you get that design.

  4. What design?

  5. yea this design is very cool and organized also i saw on xgardena’s site that you signed the post with your name but like it was ~malico~ and if you pressed your name it was a link? could u please comment at my site explaining how you did that?

  6. sure thing, I will

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