Posted by: Michael | October 25, 2008

Quitting CPS

Hey guys. This is alittle hard for me to type, but here it goes. I am going to quit posting for CPS-Club Penguin Surfers. School is getting in the way. I am sorda quitting because I am going to give the site away to someone. Here is how you can win:

             If Nobody Comments, I will totally delete the whole site and nobody will win the site if nobody comments.

  • Comment as many times as you want on this exact post.
  • Whoever has the most by November 1st, that person will win CPS.
  • In your comment, please tell your email so if you win I can add you as soon as the contest is over.
  • Once you have taken over the site, you can change the header or title or anything up top. You can change the pages, such as: About Me and others that you wish to change.
  • If you do change the header, do not let it have any cuss words in it.
  • Thank you and so sorry for quitting. Im not quitting on you, its just alittle too much pressure right now. Hope You Win!

I really dont want to delete the site, but if nobody comments, I will. You have until Saturday to comment your email address so incase you win I can add you as admin.




  1. Sorry I was gone a long time.

  2. Well I’m back

  3. hey

  4. Dude don’t quit

  5. I’m loosing hits too. All the old bloggers who started on the first half of 2008 is loosing hits. So you can’t quit. Even popular blogs like Shyshy’s is loosing hits too cause of new bloggers. Everyone is suffering. It’s not only you.

  6. School is getting in the way for everyone too. I stopped getting hits. I only get 20-100 a day. I used to get 200. It’s only today I got 400.

  7. You can add me as admin though I can improve this blog by making 2,000 hits in one month.

  8. Okay, but if I add u as admin, you can have the entire site if you want it. If you dont, you can delete if you want to. I just really dont want to post anymore on my site. Please have it Gardenax. Thanks. 🙂

  9. But I am going to quit. Sorry.

  10. It’s fine I won’t delete it.

  11. But it’s still yours why would I take it.

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