Posted by: Michael | October 10, 2008

Stage Catalog, Pin, & Rockhopper

The catalog has came out at the Stage for the new play “Planet Y”. Also there is a new pin. But first, I will show you the catalog:

There are no cheats in the catalog this time.

Here is all the costumes in the Stage Catalog:


The new pin is in the Sport Shop and its a Microscope:

You can also see Rockhopper in the telescope at the Lighthouse Beacon:





  1. Dude advertize your blog here on the top. Weekend is the busiest day. You get 4-6 people on your site. Or maybe more. If you advertize more than once.

  2. It happened to me!

  3. Gardena here! I am planning on creating a play on club penguin. Or better yet why not create a movie! I haven’t scheduled a time yet cause I’m not sure if everyone will want to participate in it. It is gonna be a new to this site. We don’t know how many characters for it, cuz we need an idea to make a movie. Admins are also invited. I don’t know what are the rewards I’ll have to ask one of the admins or someone who gives rewards. We are also hiring a few non-members and lots of members. So be at least 150 days old. We do not want hackers! Here are the people we are looking for:director, people create a special effect, background music person, producers, writer, and other things.

    For more infor check out:

  4. Please forgive me for not making it to your party. I really owe you a lot for my 3rd time missing your invatations. I wish it will not happen again. Maybe on my next holiday like Thanksgiving I might have to meet you on cp. Or during weekends.

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