Posted by: Levi | January 1, 2009

12 Days Of Christmas

           Once again Merry Christmas to everyone who either received my Christmas Card comment and to those who didn’t either. Well wondering why I called it the 12 Days Of Christmas. It’s actually 12 Reasons On What To Not Do Outer Space. But the title is really long, so I figured the title I have now would be a little more necessary. Here are 12 reasons on what not to do outer space.

Thank you, Merry Christmas!

1) Passing Gas outer space

2) Swallowing a Supernova

3) Sleeping on top of a comet

4) Peeing on the moon’s craters

5) Making fun of Pluto because he’s small

6) Accusing the Moon of being made out of Cheese

7) Throwing up in a Blackhole

8 ) You eating Donuts on Mars

9) Dance on the Sun’s Surface

10) Sliding around Saturn’s Rings

11) Writing a love song about the Andromeda Galaxy

12) Swearing on Neptune

 Extra: Cooking scarmbled eggs on Venus.


 😀 Gardenax 😀

Posted by: Levi | November 15, 2008

Awesome Bookfair

            Today I went to my school’s yearly bookfair, and bought a small tube. It makes tornados inside it. Not real tornados. It’s called an F5 Twister Tube, if you shake it, then it makes small tornados in it. Here’s a pic of it: s5300590

            Also Gardena Chill Out made a new record, and hit 13 people at the site at once: jumping from 8 – 13. If you want to know how many people are on the site you can find it at the side bar saying Current People On. It’s the same color as the text im using on this post.

            Let’s not forget the last part of the post, um one Cca is planning a 1,000 hits party. For more info go to .

And please donate rice as much as you can on the donate rice page.

Posted by: Levi | November 4, 2008

My Drawings

            Ok I’m terribly sorry that the last 3 days have been a storm on blogging. I expected this to be more worser, thank god it’s not and this problem will hopefully continue for a few more days or 2 weeks about, before we can sort things out and about. It’s hard to go back on track now that Hannah’s penguin was banned for some hacker and that none of the admins are following through the Club Penguin Fusion’s announcement. There are also other probs going on, if you go on Nochia’s blog you can see on most of the stuff currently going on. So it not only involves the 3 blogs but it involves her too.

            Well I wanted to share this drawing, it’s my own Mango Manga character I drew. I’ve been doing this for almost 2 weeks. And man I improved a lot. This first drawing is my recent one drew yesterday it’s about my manga jumping in the air using his lightning powers coming from his hands. And no, he’s not doing the 1970’s Staying Alive dance or however you people call them in the old days. s53005772 And I’m a beginner so you don’t even have to like my drawings. But trust me if you try drawing it’s really fun. Now this next picture is a little graphic / violent. It kind of looks like he wants to claw someone’s eyes out. It was made in Saturday, just two days ago. s53005782

Posted by: Levi | November 2, 2008

New Admin

            Hey it’s Gardenax, I am a new admin here taking care of the blog. Mostly some of you guys know me for commnting a lot here. I did not hack this blog. Well it’s sad Malico is going to quit, I’m pretty much sure he’ll come back. I’m not deleting the blog, I will keep it for a while at least until Malico comes back. If not then I guess this is a third blog for me. Um, this will be a personal blog, meaning I will be the one owning it. I might hold one of the admins from Club Penguin Fusions incharge too post about Club Penguin here.

            Please do not hack or do anything to disturb the site. If you ask me to make you admin I will obviously say no. This blog is gonna be raised properly and since it is poor on visitors we are desperate for your advertizement. If I might ask and teach some of my classmates of blogging I could let them to be admin. Cause I’m looking for a blog keeper. Right now I’m keeping this blog personally unless all those requirements are made a soon as possible.

Hopefully Malico will come back and visit during his Holidays and Day-offs and see his blog.

Posted by: Michael | November 1, 2008

WiNNer Of ThE SiTe

The winner of CPS is Gardenax. Wonderful Friend. I know he will take care of it.


                         PEACE PPLZ.     SEE YOU ON CLUB PENGUIN


                            ( Last Post )



Posted by: Michael | October 25, 2008

Quitting CPS

Hey guys. This is alittle hard for me to type, but here it goes. I am going to quit posting for CPS-Club Penguin Surfers. School is getting in the way. I am sorda quitting because I am going to give the site away to someone. Here is how you can win:

             If Nobody Comments, I will totally delete the whole site and nobody will win the site if nobody comments.

  • Comment as many times as you want on this exact post.
  • Whoever has the most by November 1st, that person will win CPS.
  • In your comment, please tell your email so if you win I can add you as soon as the contest is over.
  • Once you have taken over the site, you can change the header or title or anything up top. You can change the pages, such as: About Me and others that you wish to change.
  • If you do change the header, do not let it have any cuss words in it.
  • Thank you and so sorry for quitting. Im not quitting on you, its just alittle too much pressure right now. Hope You Win!

I really dont want to delete the site, but if nobody comments, I will. You have until Saturday to comment your email address so incase you win I can add you as admin.


Posted by: Michael | October 17, 2008

RH is Here! New Furniture/Igloo Catalog!!

It is really exciting on Club Penguin right now and you better join in the fun if you haven’t already! I will tell you a few things that is happening:

Rockhopper is here and he has brought his usual catalog of Pirate Wear:

Halloween has come to our Igloo Catalogs and I will tell you the cheats in the Furniture Catalog first. There are only 2 this time:

Click the Guitar Stand to get the Music Stand:

Click the Pizza Oven to get the Stainless Steel Fridge:

Now for the Igloo Catalog:

They have got the Halloween Igloo and its called the “Jack O’ Lantern”:



Posted by: Michael | October 16, 2008

Rockhopper is Closer!

Have you looked in the telescope lately? If you have then you’ve probably noticed that Rockhopper is getting closer! Check It Out!



Posted by: Michael | October 10, 2008

Stage Catalog, Pin, & Rockhopper

The catalog has came out at the Stage for the new play “Planet Y”. Also there is a new pin. But first, I will show you the catalog:

There are no cheats in the catalog this time.

Here is all the costumes in the Stage Catalog:


The new pin is in the Sport Shop and its a Microscope:

You can also see Rockhopper in the telescope at the Lighthouse Beacon:



Posted by: Michael | October 10, 2008

Party Invitation

Time changed to 2:00 pm PST!!!



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